Wednesday, March 4, 2009

5.7 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

John Locke In Tunisia.

When did Charles Widmore set up this elaborate watch system? Was it after Ben showed up? If Charles knew all along that this was the "exit point," why didn't he catch Ben at the start? Could be because Charles is a big liar ....

Charles Widmore In Real Time.

"I met you when I was 17." And it's only been four days since Charles and Locke first met. How interesting.

Charles proceeds to lay out how his people (aka The Others) protected the island peacefully for more than 30 years. Is this a fabrication? I tend to believe this is some sort of half-truth. I have no doubt that if Charles was a leader, he could have been tricked into leaving by no one other than Ben.

Otherwise, there is a "war" coming that Locke and the other Losties can keep from ending wrongly? The competing interests of Charles and Ben along with their parallel drive to bring everyone back to the island are some of the most interesting plot points revealed in a very long time.

The Old Familiar.

Charles' logic that he can be trusted because he hasn't tried to kill John is right on the money. But it is in conflict with how his troops handled the island folk during their brief encounters.

And we get to see the return of one Matthew Abaddon, and the mystery grows deeper.

John Locke's World Tour.

There is some writing on Hurley's table .... It ends with "rocks," but the rest makes no sense to me.

And don't forget about Helen Norwood.

Murder Most Foul?

There is some debate as to exactly which part of the conversation prompted Ben to take John's life. I would argue that, judging by the finality of Ben's departure, he came to kill Locke regardless of what he said. We'll have a better understanding when we witness the next on-island encounter.

The Hydra Station.

So we are on the other island judging by the Hydra Station logo seen on the file folder.